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Fire Fighting Robotic VehicleFYP1560
Advance Controlling and Monitoring SystemFYP0382
Three Phase Solid State Relay with ZVSFYP1961
Security System using Smart Card TechnologyFYP1782
Electrical Project Report on Dynamic Speed GovernorFYP153381
Electronics Final Year Project on GPS Based Virtual FencingFYP112642
Electrical Project on Attenuation Behavior of Solid Dense Random Media at Microwave FrequenciesFYP2937
Electronics Seminar Report on Diamond Chip or Carbon ChipDon12634
GSM Based Project on Irrigation Water Supply Monitoring & Control SystemFYP205871
Report on RISC Processor using the Verilog Hardware Description Language (VHDL)FYP41526
Electronics Project on Smart Voice Decoder SystemFYP101783
Electronics Project on Solar Power Satellite (SPS)FYP101711
Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage Substation for Voltage Compensation in WEA Transportation NetworksFYP447468
Presentation on Wireless Power Transmission Using Solar Power Satellites (SPS)FYP84944
ECE Project on GSM & GPS Based School Kids Tracking SystemDon329349
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices for Recharging BatteriesDon112627
Reduction Of Auto correlation Sidelobes By Using Overlaying Techniqueslck094031043
Biometric Based Approach for Securing Communication in Wireless Networks of Biosensors Implanted in the Human Bodylck094051548
Electronics Final Year Project on Detection Of Lost Mobile Using SniffersFYP405267
Master Thesis Idea - Conceptual Design Of A Solar Power Beaming Space SystemFYP31038
ECE Project Report On PC to PC Fiber Optic CommunicationFYP43457
Investigate The Performance Of Voice Echo Over Wireless ChannelDon1790
ECE Project Presentation on Nano Technology CoolingFYP41210
Industrial Security System with SensorDon93139
Electronic & Communication Engineering Project Report On Automatic Street Light Control Using LDRlck0940278388
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