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MCA Project on XAMPP based Matrimonial websiteFYP0349
CSE Project on Car Sale SystemFYP0445
Classification Of Documents Using Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Map FYP0364
Spam Filter Email Program ProjectFYP1915
CSE Project on Sale and Dispatch SystemFYP3921
Computer Science Project on Assessment EmulatorFYP0588
ASP Project on Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)FYP0845
hi i need a thesis report on college management systemssthitaprajnya1594
Computer Science Seminar on Designing of Text editor FYP2693
CSE Seminar Report on Two Pass Assembler FYP2845
MCA Project Report on Online Training and Placement SystemFYP116251
CSE Project on Load Balancing in MANET with Node Traffic FlowFYP3895
MCA Project on Mail Management SystemFYP81199
ASP Dot Net Project on Family Pension Payment SystemDon92021
Computer Science Seminar Report on Magnetic RAMDon61439
CSE Project On File Splitter (Secure Multi-Part File Transfer Application)FYP294996
VB Project on Dealer Management System with CodeFYP133134
IT Project Report on Final Testing ToolsFYP4996
Project on Motor Training School Management SystemDon32112
Dual-Link Failure Resiliency Through Backup Link Mutual ExclusionFYP21219
Optimal State Allocation for Multicast Communications With Explicit Multicast Forwarding-JAVAFYP2837
JAVA Project idea on Performance Benefits of Multihoming Route ControlFYP3784
IT Seminar on Implementation of Firewall on Linux PlatformDon91286
Computer Science Major Project On District Collectorate Office Information Integration systemFYP83045
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