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Automatic Power Grid ControlFYP101883
Direct Torque Control of Three Phase Induction MotorFYP102070
Electrical Appliance Control using FacebookDon1496
Electronic Voting System Using Fingerprint MatchingDon2776
Project on Power QualityFYP42000
Cordless Thermometer With Digital Display using RF transmissionDon1565
Minor Project on Solar ChargerFYP1596
Shaft Driven BicycleFYP31689
Mechanical Project on Automated Testing of Compact Gravimetric Feeder Controller(CGFC)Don2965
Electrical Project on Ultrasonic Sensor Based DC Motor Control using LabVIEWFYP226713
Mechanical Project on Electricity Generation from Speed BreakerDon356813
Electrical Project Report on Dynamic Speed GovernorFYP153403
Electrical Project on Attenuation Behavior of Solid Dense Random Media at Microwave FrequenciesFYP2944
Super Capacitor Based Energy Storage Substation for Voltage Compensation in WEA Transportation NetworksFYP447609
Microcontroller Based Remote Notice Board With RS232 Communication Final Year Project IdeaDon31423
ECE Project Report On Temperature Monitoring SystemFYP354470
Electrical Project Report On Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Features And ApplicationsFYP389922
Electrical & Electronics (EEE) Project On Automatic Water Pump Control SystemDon7214803
Electronics Final Year Project On One Touch Electrical Appliances Don41669
Microcontroller Based Mobile Or Telephone Landline Based Industrial Load Control Project Don467141
Early Output Logic Based Filter Bank StructureDon2798
Electrical and Electronics Mini Project On Remote Controlled Fan Regulator With Circuit DiagramFYP5518809
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Project Report On Fraud Detection in High Voltage Electricity Consumers Using Data MiningFYP16121195
Automatic Generator Start after Power OFF From Electricity boardDon51653
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