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Project on Online National PollingFYP067
ASP Dot Net Project on Visa ProcessingFYP0239
[Idea] Live classroom discussionDon0314
Java Based Virtual Class RoomDon1491
Weekly Automatic College Time table GenerationFYP81266
Automobile Utilization VB ProjectFYP0491
Routing in Delay Tolerant NetworksDon1421
Online Railway Reservation SystemDon2856
CSE Project on Car Sale SystemFYP0452
CSE Project Idea on Zoo Management SystemDon2648
Classification Of Documents Using Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Map FYP0376
Spam Filter Email Program ProjectFYP1926
JSP University Placement System ProjectDon71439
Core Java Project on Contact Management SystemFYP54249
Visual Cryptographic Stagnography in ImagesFYP2805
hi i need a thesis report on college management systemssthitaprajnya1602
Project on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) TechnologyDon142838
Project on Online University Admission SystemSunny_01115510
Inventory Control Systemchallenger202852
CSE Seminar Report on Two Pass Assembler FYP2854
MCA Project Report on Online Training and Placement SystemFYP116278
The Server Reassignment Problem for Load Balancing in Structured P2P Systems FYP4890
Computer Science Presentation On Wireless VPNFYP81683
IT Project Idea on Triple DES Encryption & Decryption TechniqueFYP31224
Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest PathsFYP1960
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