Results for ECE Project
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Mobile phone controlled electronic voting machineDon0281
RF Remote Control based Home Automation Control SystemFYP1531
Report on Simulation of Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (FET)FYP0383
Study of SMD PCB Circuit AssemblyFYP1387
Implementation of Fuzzy Logic on DCS KitFYP0315
Mobile Temperature Monitoring RobotFYP0349
Report on Smart CardFYP0387
Dynamic Display Using LED StripDon0528
GPS based Blind Man DeviceFYP0439
Fire Fighting Robotic VehicleFYP1561
Free Space Optical Networks FYP0628
Advance Controlling and Monitoring SystemFYP0384
Electronics Project on Faculty Class Alert using GSMDon2801
Three Phase Solid State Relay with ZVSFYP1965
Security System using Smart Card TechnologyFYP1787
Temperature Control & Monitoring of Boilers using MicrocontrollerDon3932
Solar Panel Cooling Using Water as CoolantDon3790
Microcontroller Based Open Loop Speed Control System For DC MotorFYP1901
Contactless Tachometer using Microcontroller AT 89C2051lck094021637
Biped Robot With Visual AbilityFYP1540
GSM based Advertisement BoardFYP1648
Electricity Generation from RoadDon101512
Fingerprint Based Authentication FYP61032
Automatic solar Multipurpose charging station projectlck094041486
Security & Privacy Challenges in the Smart GridDon1598
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