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MATLAB Project Report Speech Recognition Using Wavelet TransformDon16320697
Seminar Full Report On Latest Features of Smart Cards and Intelligent TokensFYP102566
Communication Project On GPS Based Aircraft Collision AvoidanceFYP264337
MATLAB based Project report on GAIC Algorithm For IRIS Comparison & Implementation With MatlabFYP609476
Tsunami Warning System To Mobile Phones Full Project ReportDon42596
Full Seminar Report on Survey of Smartcard and Mobile PaymentsFYP81867
Full Project Report On Modern Irrigation Systems Towards FuzzyFYP205670
Full Project Report On Tracking And Positioning Of Mobiles In TelecommunicationFYP12720947
Project on EcoDiscDon2720
Smart Card Based Door Access System Full ReportFYP10518267
Full Project Report On GSM based SMS Sending SCADA FYP9215984
Biotelemetry Full Project Reportlck0940326485
GPS-Based Aircraft Collision Avoidancelck0940435924
GPS and GSM based Vehicle Tracking SystemDon5315999
RFID Based Door Access ControlFYP32501
GSM (SMS) Controlled DC MotorFYP52368
Digital Image ProcessingDon61895
Electronic Road Pricing SystemFYP284647
Speed Detection of moving vehicle using speed camerasFYP112929
Automatic power meter reading system using GSM networkFYP155352
Packaging Counting MachineFYP2785
Temperature controlled Fan -Microcontroller ProjectFYP93243
Huge list of Electronics / Telecommunication Engineering Project and Seminar TopicsFYP4445597
Design and Implementation of a USB-to-CAN BridgeFYP2839
SMS based Device Switching FYP21213
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