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Free Space Optical Networks FYP0586
GSM based Advertisement BoardFYP1613
AMBA AHB bus implementation for performance elevation and monitoringDon1527
Diploma Project on Line Following RobotFYP4682
Project on Wireless RobotFYP2623
Touch Screen and ZigBee Airline Assistant Don101290
Electronics Project on Smart Voice Decoder SystemFYP101696
Diploma Electronics Project Idea on A Unique Vehicle Theft Protection systemlck094021240
Wireless screw jack Control for Vehicle lck094021238
ECE Project on Design of Auto Stop Trainlck094031218
Biometric Based Approach for Securing Communication in Wireless Networks of Biosensors Implanted in the Human Bodylck094051475
Investigate The Performance Of Voice Echo Over Wireless ChannelDon1745
ECE Project Report On Intelligent Energy Saving SystemFYP8411511
Electronics & Communication Project Report on Parking Gate Using IRFYP122384
ECE Project Report on RF Controlled Spy RobotFYP285017
ET Project Report on Real Time Fully Programmable Industrial Thermal Process Control With PC InterfaceFYP91382
Full Project Report On GSM Based Home Automation System Don31247432
Robotics Project On Self Replicating Robots Don263239
Electronics Project On Concealed Weapon Detection Using Digital Image ProcessingFYP637434
Electronics Project On Prepaid Energy Meter With Tariff IndicatorFYP304175
Communication Project Report On Wireless Charging Of Mobile Phones Using MicrowavesFYP23024933
Full Project Report On Wireless CommunicationFYP10014936
Electronics Full Project Report On Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)FYP455970
Project Report On Electronic Passport & Future Of Government Issued RFID-Based IdentificationFYP5511080
Project Report On Bio Telemetry SystemFYP233841
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